Three guys, one idea, by no means a typical band: when electro meets crunching guitar riffs and breakbeats and synth sounds meet catchy vocals, when ice-breaking, apocalyptic pressure and eerily beautiful darkness pervade and descend to enclose everything, dynamic syndicate are likely to be the cause.

Sascha Schneider and Alex Riedl founded their project after meeting in Cologne in 2009. What brought them together? They liked each other, simple as that. Whilst Sascha had spent the previous decade working on electronic dance music, Alex Riedl comes from the world of rock, metal, folk and blues, in fact every genre in which guitars are seldom replaceable.

Sascha started off as a drummer in his school days, then hit the right track on the keyboards before puberty struck and, for a while, the enormous, pulsating electronic early nineties party scene turned him from a producer of music into a music consumer.

A brief episode. In the mid nineties, Sascha and certain colleagues then began tinkering with new electronic band concepts, collecting knowledge about studio technology, working with Acid and Trance and minimalist, progressive sounds. They played gigs in southern Germany, France and Switzerland, issued tracks and developed a sound studio before moving to Cologne in 2000. This is where he began his training as a sound engineer.

Between 2004 and 2008, following numerous concerts in and around Cologne, Sascha took a break from the music business due to work commitments. Shortly hereafter, he met Alex.

As already mentioned, Alex is actually the rocker of the pair and comes from Würzburg. In 2004, he moved to Kassel for professional reasons and then to Cologne in 2010. He found his instrument pretty late for a guitar-lover but made up for lost time extremely quickly.

He had his first gigs and studio recordings in 2009, which resulted in a number of EPs and then, of course, his chance encounter with Sascha. Whilst Sascha was into Prodigy, The Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers, Alex's influences were James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Mark Knopfler, Chris Shiflett and Slash.

How they decided to combine the two will remain their secret. That they are capable of it has already been proven. After many hard months of sweat, careful arrangement, songwriting and creative diligence, 2012 is the year of truth.

A contract is signed at the record label Echozone, the first gigs with a live drummer take place, the premiere of the first music video for "Overkill" in Juli and then "Noises" in October. The debut album.

Three guys, two leanings, a powerful sound, where breakbeats and guitars, synth sounds and groovy rhythms meld together, that's dynamic syndicate.